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Mayor for a day

The City of Minnetrista is participating in the Mayor for a Day Essay Contest, which is a program to engage local 4th and 5th grade students in civic engagement through a written essay contest.

To enter, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders can answer the prompt, “What would you do if you were mayor for a day?” for a chance to win $100 and recognition in Minnesota Cities magazine. If the winner is from Minnetrista, the Mayor will announce at a future City Council meeting.


The deadline for submissions is Dec. 12. Students and parents/guardians can submit essays via an online form, a PDF email attachment, or through the mail. Winners only will be notified in early January. 

How can you submit your essays?

There are three ways to send us your students’ essays.

  • Submit online – students can enter their essays into this online form and submit them directly.
  • Print and Mail – you can print this document for students to handwrite their essays and then mail them in to 145 University Ave. W, Saint Paul, MN 55103.
  • Email as an attachment – students can type their essays into the fillable PDF, save the document, and then email the finalized PDF to mayorforaday [at]

What does a mayor do anyway? Find out more! 

See Minnetrista Mayor Lisa Whalen's contact information!